London Real Estate logo
London Real Estate Logo
London Real Estate is a real estate is a new real estate flipping company based in Durango, Colorado.
I designed a modern, sophisticated, and simple logo for London Real Estate that combines visual aspects of the serif letter L with a colorful front door. The serif mimics the ledge of a rooftop, while the arm of the L extends outwards to balance the heavy serif weight and mimics a porch leading from the front door.
The color palette follows a familiar real-estate scheme of rich black paired with a nice, saturated red, welcoming customers and suggesting the basic idea of London Real Estate's business model.
London Real Estate Typography
Poppins, a bold, modern, and fun typeface that pairs nicely with the dense, modern mark, was chosen to be paired with London Real Estate's logomark. 
The highly contrasted hierarchy of the type helps anchor the mark, using a similar weight to the outer "ring" for the focus of the name "London" which is then partnered in a much lower weight beneath to spell out the complete name, London Real Estate.
London Real Estate logo paired with text
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