Festival Campaign Design

Meatopia is a festival that celebrates delicious responsibly sourced food from the best live-fire chefs. This project is a conceptual re-branding of the Meatopia event done for the course Art 495-1 Portfolio/Campaign Design at Fort Lewis College.
This re-brand is a lighthearted and humorous take on Meatopia's image. The event's name Meatopia is already a fairly funny name and I wanted to expand upon that aspect throughout the branding campaign.
Meatopia Logo, Meatopia Combo mark, Meatopia, Swett Design, 2023
Meatopia Logo, Meatopia Typpographical mark, Meatopia, Swett Design, 2023
Meatopia Logo, Meatopia Cow, Meatopia, Swett Design, 2023
Logo & Typography

The Meatopia Logo is a cow imposed together with a fork and the obvious addition of a certain hole. The cow mark is a looser, more expressive approach to a contemporary minimalist logo, using negative space and forced connection to my advantage. 
The Typography accompanying the logo is meant to express a more laid-back attitude with the brand and market the event as a less formal event to attract people who aren't avid foodies initially but reel them in with Meatopia's responsible and ethical practices regarding meat and the top-level chefs servicing the event.
The Meatopia logo typography will always have the cut of meat in the place of the 'O', however, in the cases where the cow mark is included, the 'M' will be replaced with the cow mark.
Meatopia, Meatopia Poster, Swett Design 2023
Meatopia, Meatopia Poster, Swett Design 2023

I designed two posters to be sold in a similar fashion to concert posters at the event for people to buy as a souvenir and collectable to remember the event. The posters are done in a geometric style where the expressive, gestural treatment of the title takes center stage accompanied by loose geometric illustrations to fit in with the visual language of the typography, all tied together by the subtle trail of smoke.
Meatopia, Meatopia Schedule, Swett Design 2023
Meatopia, Meatopia Tickets, Swett Design 2023
Meatopia, Meatopia Map, Swett Design 2023
Meatopia, Meatopia Folded Map, Swett Design 2023
Map, Tickets & Schedule

Meatopia is an in-person event, where people are likely unfamiliar with the schedule and unfamiliar with the layout of the venue. I have designed a brochure that will be distributed at the entrance to the event and at stands around the venue and maps to help people navigate to the different booths and events held at Meatopia.
Tickets are a key piece of collateral for this event, they display the level of experience that the customer paid for clearly on their lanyards and help keep the event low hassle for the workers and patrons trying to access VIP areas. The variety of options for different experiences allows patrons to fine-tune how they want to experience Meatopia,  like the single-day pass general admission pass, the three-day general admission pass, and the VIP pass that grants access to all three days and exclusive access to private events.
Meatopia, Meatopia Tube ad, Swett Design 2023
Meatopia, Meatopia Social Media Ads, Swett Design 2023

The advertisement concepts I created for Meatopia follow the same humorous concept of the logo and utilize the opportunity to apply cheekier advertisement campaigns. 
London as Meatopia's location lends a unique opportunity for advertisement on the underground Tube trains. Sausage is a uniquely shaped meat that comes in links, similar to a tube car, so this was the perfect opportunity to create an advertisement wrap with a giant sausage advertisement, furthered with the tagline "London's Big Meat Festival." 
Social Media offers an amazing opportunity to reach people in places where traditional means of physical advertisement cannot. I have also designed a concept for one of the many options, Instagram, in the form of post advertisements and story advertisements with a secondary "mascot" chicken imposed with a spoon in the same manner as the cow mark for variation and to avoid duplicate ads.
Meatopia, Meatopia Website, Swett Design 2023
Meatopia, Meatopia Website Mockup, Swett Design 2023

To go along with the re-branding of Meatopia, I designed a website using a minimal, geometric style with a focus on a cohesive, flowing structure. The first thing a visitor sees is the landing page, giving a basic introduction to Meatopia, followed by the mission statement and a link to complete information about Meatopia. A visitor who scrolls further is greeted by a chicken, information about the location and time, plus a very convincing red button to buy tickets, and beneath that is a portal to buy Meatopia merchandise above a footer with a redundant button to purchase tickets once they reach the bottom of the page.
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