Book Cover
The cover for Terminal was created in collaboration with the author, to visualize her first domestic thriller publication. I worked with her to create a dramatic representation of her character, Barbara James. Barbara is reaching the end of her life and must make some serious, life-changing choices as an elderly vigilante.

Terminal Book Cover Mockup rendered in 3D

Terminal Book Stack Mockup rendered in 3D

The cover was created using 3D software to create a photo-real but still "dreamy" visual of a pill bottle filled with bullets. This visual concept was the initial idea presented to me by the author, and we worked together to build a conceptually relevant and beautiful cover from there.
The 3D render was paired with simplistic, modern typesetting to allow for pleasing and legible copy, and the whole cover received a filmic style treatment.
The title header itself also received conceptual treatment to represent a strong theme in the book of "fading away."

Terminal Cover Full Spread

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